Meet and Greet

It’s a great way to get a feel for each other and if we will work well together. Some people like to talk to me before taking the plunge on a full consultation.

Initial Consultation

Includes full discussion of your health issues, goals, complete medical record review that includes your history, all submitted and related medical records, lab work, and imaging studies.

Follow Up Consultation

Guiding you to your health goal is a process that takes time, months to years depending on the issue.


I’m happy you stopped by.  My work is founded on the principles that addressing the underlying cause to your health issue is more important than just treating the symptoms. I see a variety of women and men with health issues ranging from fertility and reproductive health (polycystic ovarian syndrome, prostate issues, fibroids, etc.) to autoimmune disease and cancer.  Part of our work together includes educating you about how your body works, why you may be feeling the way you do, and what your natural and holistic options might be to help restore your health.


Next Steps...

Become a healthier you. Get started today on your journey!