Dr. Heidi Burry

A personal Note on How My Journey as a Doctor Truly Began with my Own Healing…

As a young woman I knew I wanted to serve my country and be a doctor.  With an Air Force Scholarship for medical school I was able to combine these desires.  My first year out of school, as an intern at Andrews Air Force Base, 911 hit.  Soon I found myself deployed to the Middle East as an Air Force medical officer, titled Flight Surgeon, assigned to a combat flying unit. Upon return and over several years in clinical practice in the military, I developed skin changes and several vague symptoms including cold intolerance, mild weight gain, fatigue, menstrual cycle irregularity and short-term memory issues.  During the following five years of Diagnostic Radiology and fellowship, my symptoms worsened until the diagnosis of autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s) was made, and soon thereafter was thyroid cancer.

Naturally, I believed that treating my cancer with traditional western methods would be an easy fix, and I would be a young practicing physician at the top of my game again in no time.  However, I struggled for years with fatigue, memory issues, unable to return to wellness DESPITE taking thyroid medicine, exercise, getting plenty of rest, and what I thought was eating healthy.  This was not how my life was supposed to be!  I realized that traditional medicine could not completely cure what ailed me, so I turned to holistic methods. The results brought me to tears. It was a miracle to feel so much better and have someone believe in me. It was then that I decided to incorporate holistic health into my practice as healer.

One of my earliest memories of medical school is sitting in the lecture hall and one of the professors saying “You are going to tell people to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, not smoke, decrease the stress in their lives, and get plenty of rest.  However, as doctors you may not be doing any of these things yourself.”  At that moment I made a commitment to living my life as the best example possible.  That commitment has led me on an ever-expanding journey of true wellness and self-discovery.  The words “First Doctor, you must heal thyself” could not be more fitting.  We often look to those with more knowledge who have traveled the path before us when we need answers.  Let me be your guide to regain your health and get your life back!



  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Board Certified Radiologist, Women’s Imaging Specialist
  • Certified in Holistic Health and Nutrition
  • Gluten Free Society Tier 1 Certified Healthcare Provider

Consultations ONLY available in the states of NY, NJ, TX, AL, and CA.

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