Meet & Greet

15 minutes – $100

A low risk “get to know you” session designed to assess our fit. Secure live telemedicine video environment or in person in my Long Island Office. Fee applied toward booking of a full one-hour consultation.

Individual Consultation

60 minutes – $350

A thorough deep dive into your overall health including a complete medical record review designed to discuss your health history, struggles and goals. A custom protocol will be developed including lifestyle and dietary recommendations, and all natural supplements.  Secure live telemedicine video environment or in person in my Long Island office.  Health history form and environmental exposure form to be submitted for review 48 hours in advance of our session and must be received in order to secure the appointment.

Follow Up Consultation

15-30 minutes – $75-$150

Guiding you to optimal health takes time and commitment. While each client is unique, an average of 3-5 follow up sessions is an ideal commitment for improved health and well-being.

**Note, cost of supplements is not included in consultation fee.

“I have been seeing Dr. Burry for a year and a half now and have found her to be someone who listens without judgement and who prescribes with expertise.  I always feel cared for and have had positive results due to her diligent research, her thoughtful wisdom, and her reasonable expectation of adherence to her protocols. My overall health has greatly improved.  I’ve lost 10 lbs. and feel 20 years younger, which is great for a woman in her 60’s. In addition to the dietary changes, I’ve learned to meditate which allows me to be mindful and to live each day to the fullest. I seem to have endless energy throughout the day to accomplish all I need to do caring for grandchildren and an aging parent.  I highly recommend Dr. Burry without reservation.”


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