C – Cancer

A personal issue I can relate to.  I work with people who face different types of cancer. Whether you are at the early stages and have just been diagnosed, currently undergoing treatment, or completed treatment, I can support you.  While not a replacement for conventional treatments, there are many natural ways to prepare your body, support the traditional medical treatments being offered while using natural methods to offset side effects, and help you optimize your health and well-being post treatment.

A – Autoimmune and chronic disease

Also a personal issue I can relate to.  Autoimmunity is widespread and has many hardworking wonderful people feeling depleted and unable to think straight. I’m here to help you uncover the root cause of your illness and discover how liberating it is to feel good in your own body!

R – Reproductive health and fertility

Yep, I can relate to this on a personal level as well; and I love babies and helping couples and individuals who are struggling to create their unique families. Whether it’s difficulty in conception or maintaining your pregnancy, I’m here to help!

E – Education on holistic health

Education on holistic health — I will provide proven tools and educate you on lifestyle and self-care techniques designed to improve your health and well-being. I am your expert guide!

“I have been working with Dr. Heidi Burry for about eight months now, and cannot say enough great things about what she has done for me; prior to working with Dr. Burry I was feeling exceptionally fatigued, lethargic, moody, and overall rather gloomy. I decided I needed a change but didn’t know where to start. After speaking with Dr. Burry she gave me a general outline of what she would be able to do for my health, and overall well being, while staying entirely natural and organic. Since I began working with Dr. Burry, I have felt a complete difference in myself, I am no longer feeling fatigued and lethargic; my quality of sleep has tremendously increased, and I am feeling much more energetic and productive throughout my days and as an added bonus, I have lost 39lbs, while continuing to improve my health, and lifestyle. My overall quality of life has made a complete turn around, Dr. Burry has jump started a new life for me and has significantly enhanced my over all quality of life.”


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